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Restore Gekko-Instance after Server restart - Bloodipwn - 02-05-2019

Hey there gekko community,
I have a question regarding gekko-instances and the possiblity (if there is any) to resume them after my server (ubuntu) crashed/restarted.
Currently I'm using PM2 to get my gekko starting on reboot and that works quiet good, but the gekko-instances keep getting lost on every reboot.

Is there any possibility to save the status of gekko instances (for example for every minute that has been passed), so that when a server suddenly crashes and reboots the instance can be resumed immediately on restart?
I know that this is kinda specific, but I just wanna know if there is any possiblity to safe the instance with an interval set, so it and its information can be reused.

Thanks in advance for your help! Smile