point me in the right direction
So i have gekko installed but I need some direction on where to head next. I understand the config and strategy js but what I am looking at doing it a small test. I have about $10 USDC on coinbase. I want to detect a buy then sell at a 1.3 % profit. I have a config i found on candle stick patterns so i might could use that for the buy sell points but what i need is where to see code related to placing a buy and a sell and how to limit that to only one buy and then one sell then onto the next buy/sell. I know $10 is low to trade with but it is enough for some trades on coinbase pro (gdax). I have been using smart trades over on 3commas but I do not have time to watch things manually. I have some eBay auctions running and those proceeds will go towards further testing. I appreciate and feedback the community can give me.
Hi I’m just wondering has anyone heard of of **Jubilee Ace?** It is the most advanced arbitrage bot out there. No need to do arbitrage over different exchanges, they do it all within Binance.

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