Running backtest
Ive been trying to run backtest tools via CLI,it keeps freezing or says files not I am running gekko ui for live trading on laptop windows 7,would this be a problem if trying to backtest via CLI on same laptop?Ive keep trying and reading but no luck,Im not very experienced with programing any advice.Thanks in advance.

do you have allready eny data loaded from the exchanges?

have you downloaded a huge data base file and placed manually in:

is the gekko backtest working?

-->try download data with gekko --ui /importer
then run gekko backtest to see if it works so far

i have two win7 and a raspberry pi
for the backtest machine i use the win7/i7quad
the live bots running on raspberry pi

i guess You could run a backtest while a live gekko is running but... maybe thats not a fair thing to do so
the raspberry is very nice as a headless server. usd 50.-(incl. highspeed SD-card)
Thanks for your reply,When using UI to import data it allows me to import but when trying to backtest it cant find anything,I manually made a history file in Gekko Develop and copied DB file from Gekko V 5.14 which i use for trading on ui,even when i stop live ui gekko still dont work.Any advice thanks

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