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Running backtest - khan2 - 05-29-2018

Ive been trying to run backtest tools via CLI,it keeps freezing or says files not I am running gekko ui for live trading on laptop windows 7,would this be a problem if trying to backtest via CLI on same laptop?Ive keep trying and reading but no luck,Im not very experienced with programing any advice.Thanks in advance.

RE: Running backtest - susitronix - 05-30-2018


do you have allready eny data loaded from the exchanges?

have you downloaded a huge data base file and placed manually in:

is the gekko backtest working?

-->try download data with gekko --ui /importer
then run gekko backtest to see if it works so far

i have two win7 and a raspberry pi
for the backtest machine i use the win7/i7quad
the live bots running on raspberry pi

i guess You could run a backtest while a live gekko is running but... maybe thats not a fair thing to do so
the raspberry is very nice as a headless server. usd 50.-(incl. highspeed SD-card)

RE: Running backtest - khan2 - 05-31-2018

Thanks for your reply,When using UI to import data it allows me to import but when trying to backtest it cant find anything,I manually made a history file in Gekko Develop and copied DB file from Gekko V 5.14 which i use for trading on ui,even when i stop live ui gekko still dont work.Any advice thanks