Running Gekko on multiple markets
Options as I see it:

  1. Many Gekko process. Pros: no change to core Gekko code, cons: need some way of keeping track of running Gekkos. I have been using om2 to run multiple Gekkos and I'm not sure how to programatically keep track of running pm2 tasks and launch another if one dies. Any ideas? I would then need some way of receiving signals from the Gekkos and executing trades. Perhaps Gekko redid beacon is the answer or a db or something.
  2. Another idea I have is to have a list of markets (exchange plus coin) I want to run for and loop through, executing what we currently do for one Gekko on each, so essentially a master wrapper. From my understanding of the code this should be quite easy (oh the naevity), since I would just create many pipelines... 
Any thoughts on these ideas Mike?
You talking about this?

Check multitrader plugin
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I find it unlikely that that is what I'm talking about since I don't see how this could be done in a plugin. I'm talking about running many markets at once as :
  1. Btc/usd on bittres
  2. Ltc/btc on Binance
For example.

Maybe you could describe what your multi trader does? I guess it might be for position sizing and or multiple strategies on a market?
From a skim of the code it looks like the plugin generates a new event that the strategies can listen to, allowing the plugin to control strategies on several pairs/markets at once.

It looks like a neat solution (far better than the seperate server that I was trying), I'll give it a try, thanks xFFFFF
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