Will Somebody check this for me..RSI

I'm new with gekko. The system is active and working good.
BUT i have the next questions.
1) I didn't see any green and red bullets in the market graph when gekko has made a trade for me.
2) Gekko is buy too high, and sell to low ??
I'm using the RSI of gekko. and 3 minutes candle's time
What is wrong in the numbers ?
   "interval": 14,
   "thresholds": {
       "low": 25,
       "high": 75,
       "persistence": 1

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You could properly Backtest your strategies with different time periods AND pairs AND Strat-settings.
Try different Strategies.

I found if Candlesize is smaller then 5min it makes to much trades.
The fee´s would be uneconomical if more then two roundtrips (buy/sell) are traded.

Please dont quote me. Everyone must Backtest as much as possible.

If the Result is positive then i try SMALLEST CHANGES like 1min more/less to see if it gets more/less positive or...
Quote:2) Gekko is buy too high, and sell to low ??

I'm having the same problem, when testing with any indicator, it seems to buy high and sell low - if I could get it to simply reverse this order, I think it could be very profitable.

I'm watching an asset on bitstamp that consistently trades in a channel on 1 minute candles, typically +/- ~%8, but again gekko seems to want to buy high and sell low. So far my most successful tests are with RSI and I'm now testing with japonicus. 

Any suggestions?

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