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I've been running CLI bots for a while and got fed up of manually entering all the trade data into a spreadsheet to track it - so I wrote a plugin to do it for me. I know I'm not the only person who was looking for an easier way to track trades... I hope (and suspect) that mikes next big gekko update will remove the need for this, but until then it should do the trick.

It enters data to a google sheet via a POST request to a google form. There is a bit of setup involved, all described in the github readme... Let me know if you have any issues!

You set up one google form and google sheet for all your bots. The google script automatically creates a new sheet for each pair/exchange combination it receives trades from and keeps it updated with each trade. 

The output should looks something like this:
[Image: U2K3QPn.png]
(That strat had a good few days - it also had a large drawdown in the last weeks so it's not as good as it looks there!)

If you want to give it a shot: https://github.com/RJPGriffin/google-forms-gekko-plugin

The config object in your CLI config should look like this (but with your form and question ID's)
[Image: JLXzKRQ.png]

I posted a link to an earlier version in a thread yesterday - It's been updated since then, looks far prettier now!
Very cool stuff! Would love to add this to Gekko at some point if you don't mind Smile
(03-27-2018, 05:51 PM)askmike Wrote: Very cool stuff! Would love to add this to Gekko at some point if you don't mind Smile

Absolutely, that would be great. It does have a more involved setup process than any of the existing plugins I've used though...
See if it works for people, catch the bugs, then I'll work out how to do a merge request?
I might have found an issue with this. I had an order 99.4% filled, then the remaining balance was too small to place a new order, and gekko didn't appear to emit a trade event. It wasn't logged on the console or sent to my plugin, but on the binance trade history I can see the partially filled order. I assume this isn't intended behaviour?

My gekko vps was running an outdated copy of develop branch before the latest binance commits, so that could be the cause... All up to date now and I'll see if I have any repeats.

Console log for the curious:

[Image: XAyikcQ.jpg]
That last buy order was >99% filled, but no evidence of that in the log...

Also, is there any reason that gekko doesn't check if there is a new highest bid price before cancelling and creating a new order at the same price?
Ive set this up and will feedback once i've run some trades through it. Once question tho is will the form create the graphs? I couldn't access your form so had to create a sheet will i need to setup the graphs manually as my sheet looks very different to yours at the moment/
Thanks! The script will add all the graphs - just make sure you have the latest version from github Smile The version when I first posted was very basic.

If you already have pair/exchange sheets generated by an old script, probably best to rename them, wait for a trade to trigger a new sheet being generated with the graphs and formatting, then copy the trades from the first sheet across.

Any idea why you couldn't access the form? I've set it available to anyone with the link, and I can get to it in incognito browsing...

Also I've updated gekko and haven't had any issues with mine since.
i think i might have it running but slow trade day is there a way to test it and make sure the links work without it trading?

EDIT: I traded and it didnt link, i has changed the enable to true in the CLI config from the default false, i have changed this back now and will wait for the next trade to test
When you start gekko with gforms enabled it will let you know that it's enabled along with the other plugins, just after the ascii gekko logo.

Enabled does have to be set true in config, but this only takes effect when you restart gekko.

To test it I set up an rsi paper trader with a length of 2 and really low thresholds... It made a trade every few minutes Smile

I think I need to add an info message when it posts data to the forum as an indication the plugin is running!
Hi Gryphon

Tested and not working Sad, i can assume its my ID's or something on the form... I have the following questions...

Is there a format for the ID in the CLI file currently it looks like - 'entry.1234567890=Action&' ----- is this right?
on the google form do i need to set the questions as required?
Is there a format the document link needs to follow?

Sorry Kris, I should have added an example config object - I've added it to the first post now! It's just the number sections of the question ID's you need:

[Image: JLXzKRQ.png]

If you uncomment line 55 in the gforms.js code it will print out the filled URL to the console each trade - useful for debugging.

Thank you for giving it a shot and letting me know where it's going wrong, I appreciate it.

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