[Share][Plugin] Google Sheets Plugin - write all trades to a google sheet
Thank you for the example, my coding knowledge is next to zero hence all the questions. I've made the changes just waiting for a trade i will feedback either way, Thank you for replying and helping me out.
Works perfect thank you, i will keep you updated if anything changes but good work!!
Awesome :-)
Hi Gryphon,

Sheet works great thank you, i do have one questions tho, i want it to report on the asset holdings rather than currency, my coding skills suck so can you help me adjust your script to do this?

As it is it gives portfolio balance as the sum of your asset and currency holdings, denoted in currency, as that is what gekko provides. If you want to get this denoted by asset, add a column to the spreadsheet multiplying the balance by current asset price... The drawback is that the only source for the asset price is the gekko trade data, which ideally is high and low points in the price range, so your portfolio balance will be all over the place. -- If I understood what you were after correctly?
Yeah you were right it didn't work as i wanted it too. i will play with it a bit more over the weekend. However the sheet itself works perfectly great job and thank you.
There is a google sheets add-on called cryptofinance that you can use to pull in real time price data - might help you do what you want?
Sounds awesome i will look into that
Hi mate this is broken now with the trade class update as the cli doesn't output a sell it only sends a advice signal, on the exchange the sell will go through but the sheet doesn't pick it up.
Thanks for letting me know! I'll see what I can do to fix it, but will have very limited time for the next month Sad


Just pulled the latest gekko develop branch, the trade event is emitted just as before (tested on binance)...

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