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HI Gryphon,

Just seen this reply, so apologies for the gap in contact. If the trade is emitted the spreadsheet has not picked it i[ the last trade was in early April. did you sheet still work? If so i will re install the sheet and see if that fixes it.
I've never had a version of gekko where the trade isn't emitted... Although currently it seems to be emitted twice each trade and I haven't looked into that yet.

If yours isn't getting anything in the form responses tab it isn't a problem with my sheets code - it only kicks in once a response is recorded. It's either gekko not emitting trade, an issue with the gforms config in gekko, or the form being no longer linked to the sheet.

To test the trade event, try modifying one of the other plugins (I use pushbullet, but whatever you'd normally use) to send something on trade, see if it does...
I have this same problem like others. Email notifications plugin from gekko works fine, but Your spreadsheet not. I did yesterday fresh install, check all 3 times and nothing, zero response. Gekko dont print performance analyzer stats on complete trade.

Here is some fix: https://github.com/hiyan/gekkowk/commit/...2fe6ede2b0
Maybe can help in our problems?
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xFFFFF - you have more coding experience than I if you test this can you let me know if it works and i will implement it,.
juuuuuuuuuuhuuuuuuuuuuuuu. WORKS!

[Image: M4yVTJSl.png]

Portfoliomanager with this commit: https://github.com/hiyan/gekkowk/commit/...2fe6ede2b0
Portfolio with this: https://github.com/hiyan/gekkowk/commit/...1edbf0aa80

You can download and replace files in Your gekko.
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Thanks xFFFFF!

Weird that mine works... You seem to be getting the trade event twice like me though?
That a strange thing about Gekko as mine works now but only 1 output at a time
Good news and bad news...

Good News:
I have put a new version of this up on the github. This has a far simpler setup process and has added some new metrics:
> P/L in fiat at the time of trade using crypto compare API (for tax calcs if you're unlucky and need to do CG per trade)
> Time taken to fill order. (Time from advice given to trade completed)
> Exposure time of trade.

Bad News:
I pulled the latest gekko and it's no longer emitting the trade event for my. xFFFFF's fix above doesn't appear to have worked either. This makes it quite difficult to properly test the new plugin - it works with paper trading, but as ever if there are bugs let me know/raise an issue on github etc.

Anyone found a different fix for the trade event? I'm about to go hunting through code...

Edit: Fixed, I'd not patched both files! The fix works Smile

As an aside, to verify that it was the trade event, not my plugin that was causing the issue I modified the pushbullet plugin to send a message on trade as well as on advice. It gives the trade price, slippage and time to fill. If anyone's interested: https://github.com/RJPGriffin/gekko/blob...hbullet.js

Thank you for the update, i would use pushbullet but cannot get the API to load on my VPS to register, i will try it again with you updated plugin.
You're welcome. It's working nicely now that I did the fix properly. Only problem is that I'm still getting two form submissions each trade, it seems that the plugin is loading in gekko twice. That's the next bit to fix Smile

The pushbullet plugin mod now gives this:
[Image: 4YxXkZ8m.png]

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