Parameter Definitions
Hi there, can someone help or point me to documentation defining the parameters for the example strategies.  I can't seem to find anything.  I was playing with a couple USD BTC strategies on GDAX but I'm not sure what the parameters mean or what the values are. Heres the parameters for MACD:

short = 10
long = 21
signal = 9

down = -0.025
up = 0.025
persistence = 1

What do these values mean?  Is there any documentation on this?  Also under the paper trader, there are these values:

feeMaker = 0.25
feeTaker = 0.25
feeUsing = 'maker'
slippage = 0.05

asset = 1
currency = 100

I understand the first couple but what is the slippage number, a percent?  what do the asset and currency numbers represent?

The CandleSize would be the major part to adjust first.
emagine you would have a music-beat/song on your cd/keybord.
The candleSize is the Sequencer speed would influence all instruments at the same time.
Also the pitch would stay in harmony.

Start with this parameter to find eny positive outcome.
From there on adjust only tiny Steps in order to see where its going, and find the SWEETSPOT

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