[BOUNTY COMPLETD] fix DEMA example strategy
@Tommiehansen it doesn't always work everywhere: https://github.com/askmike/gekko/issues/1854

My experience of maintaining Gekko for a few years is that node installs on virtually anything, but anything else that requires compiling doesn't. The main problem our users face is installing sqlite (which is prebuild for most arch and node versions). Gekko values some priorities more than others, having a minimal installation barrier is pretty high on the list (I am striving towards no CLI usage).

People technical enough to build complex strategies using tulip or talib would at some point either hack Gekko however they want or fully roll their own systems anyway.
@askmike: Sure, having less problems is good. An idea might be to include prebuilt versions?

The tulip indicators aren't complex to use, they are actually simpler to use then the Gekko-indicators since the docs are better (sorry).
They may be harder to install on some systems though but i have yet to witness that (i've nstalled gekko+tulip @ win wsl, debian and docker without problems).

And then there's stuff like this:

...which ofc is hard not to like. Smile
So how do I go about doing the old 10/21 with the new DEMA? Is that what the Weight is in DEMA now?

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