Donate Blood, Get Tested For The Chi-Com Virus
I'm a regular Red Cross Blood Donor.

Although I try to match my blood type and B+, mine is not that uncommon, soon after the donation I almost always get a notification that my blood has been sent to the institution for use, so I'm almost sure that this is a good thing.

When I made a donation in June, ARC was not tested for the Chi-Com virus. In August, they were, and I received a notification in my app that my test results were negative.

Therefore, if you donate blood, you will receive additional benefits from testing for the ChiCom virus.

For any of you who meet these criteria, this is a good thing.
I also want to donate blood. I think it is very useful for the body
Do not worry so much, because their calculations may be erroneous. I also recently gave A1C blood twice with a friend, and the results were quite different. You can click here and check the accuracy. In general, if I feel bad, I check in different places and see where the results match. Never trust any doctor, because the result may be erroneous. I remember when my friend decided to have an operation on her eyesight. She was examined in one place and told that she could have an operation, but she decided to undergo an examination in another place. There, the doctors discovered that she had a disease and said that it was necessary to cure the disease before the operation, and then it was possible to perform the operation.

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