Gekko Deployment Tool
Hey guys, I am working on a one-click solution to deploy Gekko in the cloud seamlessly.

Some features:
- One-click deploy
- Run backtests
- Use your own strategies
- Monitor your instances
- Live trading and paper trading optimized machines

Please let me know what you think!
There will be a trial once it goes live.
The wait is over. Launch your Gekko strategies in the cloud now!

  • Log in or sign up on the link

  • Click "Create" on the main dashboard

  • Choose a subscription plan that suits you (i recommend going with a paper trader plan for testing)

  • You will not be charged for 7-days as a trial period

  • Enter login and password to access your Gekko instance later

  • Wait for your instance to be created

  • When created, you will see some more info on the main panel page (IP address and etc)

  • Please allow up to another 5 minutes for provisioning of your Gekko instance

  • Click "View"

  • You will see a warning page[Image: 3b5a4d3f-58f2-458c-9678-98e995ecb234.png]

  • Click "Proceed to xx.xx.x..x (unsafe)

  • Enter login and password that you entered when creating the instance

  • [Image: a2b7f393-3a97-476a-ad8d-bfb67a748442.png]

  • If you want to edit your Gekko files and/or upload custom strategies connect using FTP!

  • In your FTP client of choice enter your instance IP address and the same login and password that you entered during the creation of your instance

  • [Image: 6a65cacd-56ed-4615-8580-6b1819a29759.png]

  • And connect, don't forget that strategies go to strategies folder and their configs (.toml files) go to config/strategies folder.

Features planned for the next update are:

  • Installing custom NPM modules

  • Choosing a region to deploy your instance

  • Anything else that we figure out is needed after this Beta launch

Please keep in mind that this is a BETA launch, so there might be some errors, if you have ANY PROBLEMS please reach out to me directly on my email!

Email me at
Run Gekko in the cloud 24/7
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