How to stop and then re-run a strategy without re-warming up
if I have stoped a strategy and then I have to re-run again why do I have to warm it up again?
Well its a safety for the simple coding, to have your averages right.
Ea what is a small moving average over 15 hours at the first hour ?...

Code can be extended by yourself think of the following :

While no file is available (if not fill it in memory, (ea an array) till you got your 15 hours => dump to file).
If the file is available load array of values into your counters. (there are methods to preseed tulip counters... but dont remind where i have red it).
On every update shift the values in the file as well.
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Thank you mate for your reply..
Unfortunately I have not understand anything what you said..
Is there a way to stop a trading bot and then start it again without warming up from UI?

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