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Hi all,

I have downloaded as much as is necessary to run gekko using node gekko --ui although when the ui opens in a web browser there is no option list for a market to chose from in order to download data.

would anyone have an idea as to which file i might need to download.

many thanks
I'm having the same problem. Date range is there but no exchange list. Just blank, not even boxes. Also no borders.

Here's an image of what it looks like:

.png   No Exchange options.PNG (Size: 128.86 KB / Downloads: 4)

I solved it by msyself. This time i used the Bash version to install. Once I enabeled Linux subsystems I downloaded the Ubuntu terminal from the microsoft store ( started it and from there just followed the instructions on the official gekko website for Installing gekko on bash for Windows 10.  

Something I found out: To insert something into the Ubuntu terminal from the clipboard just rightclick.

P.S.: After starting the gekko ui the Ubuntu terminal can't open your Windows standard browser. You just have to type localhost:3000 into the adressbar and press enter.

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