Setting up a Selling Threshold
I am super new to Gekko and trading in general. Is it possible to program a strategy to sell if a high or low value is reached? For example, if the current price of BTC is 8000, and I want to sell the full amount if it reaches 10,000 or sell the full amount if it drops down to 7,500, can I do that with Gekko? Currently in Coinbase Pro (GDAX) won't let you set two limits on the same coin, you have to split it. If anyone knows, that would be helpful. Thanks!

And you can edit exist strat and add
such as
direction: 'long', // or short
trigger: { // ignored when direction is not "long"
type: 'trailingStop',
trailPercentage: 5
// or:
// trailValue: 100

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