Issues with importing historical data
Attempting to import historical data using the UI importer.  Importing from binance works fine but not with other exchanges.  My target exchange is kraken but have tested with others available in the list is not working.  I see a 200 in putty  once I click to start the import but it seems to die immediately.  The UI claims import is complete but the data never shows as available during a scan of local data.   If I go back to the importer screen, kraken imports show in the list of currently running imports.  Clicking on of the 'currently running' imports takes me to a screen that says the import is complete.  Any help is much appreciated.
I realized I was missing config.js file. Set that to kraken. New error, however, is 403 forbidden on import. Anyone have suggestions on that error?
Solved my own problem. If you don't set gekko agreement to true at the bottom of the config, you have issues.

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