Help, how to create multiple Gekko´s
Hello guys,
im new to gekko and i installed Gekko to my RaspberryPi, everything works fine.
Im able to create my first trade and it looks good and he´s making some profits...

Now my question, im a total noob in Linux and i want to know how i can run multiple Gekkos at the time.
Has this something to do with this "PM2" thingi??

Did someone has a tuturial how to do it and how to set it up?


Open 2 different gekko folders

Choose 2 different coin pairs

sample etc

gekko 1 = btc xrp

gekko 2 = eth ont

gekko run separately
Thanks for your help!

Now i figured it out that that i can dublicate the gekko folders and give them each different port numbers.

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