Backtesting Tool XFFFF issues
Hi guys,
I've installed the Backtesting Tool of XFFFF and it's GREAT, but i have some issues:

1) The backtesting itself works but not at 100%. Everytime in 1 run i execute 1 backtest (therefore i just run 1 backtest, on 1 pair, on 1 exchange, on 1 time window), i see the following errors. This doesn't appear if in 1 run i execute >1 backtests (e.g. when i vary the values of a parameter in the strategy from X to Y). 

.jpg   Backtesting.jpg (Size: 260.61 KB / Downloads: 12)

2) The second issue I'm facing regards the importing function that just doesn't work. The program get stuck during importing. The only thing i changed in the code is a pair of lines because i saw that the system was pointing towards the wrong folders (this is what i did --> Unfortunately this was not enough and i still get stuck.

.jpg   Importing.jpg (Size: 34.35 KB / Downloads: 10)

3) And finally, the BT tool cannot generate a CSV file. It generates a file, but not a CSV. It generates like a blank file that put into Excel gives a very messy table that must be clean.

I'm pretty sure the installing went well, because the backtest itself works... but the rest just works bad or not at all.
Can please anyone help me?? Sad

Thanks for sharing. That was useful

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