Quick one, can plugins be enabled if using UI? if so how? i cannot seem to find a config files to edit what plugins i want to run.

Technically it's possible, but I would advice against it. They are really designed for CLI usage. If you enable them in this config they will run for all Gekkos you'll start through the UI:

I'm working on a new UI (see and when that is done I will launch a new plugin system that you can control from the UI: you can enable them for specific gekkos and such.
HI Mike,

Thank you for the advice, to give you context on my plan, i want to use Gryphons trade recording plugin and the pushbullet plugin on all my gekkos that are live. If i enable them in this config i'm assuming that it will create the required output on each trade to notify me and log the trade?

is that correct?
Both my gForms and pushbullet plugins take information from the cli config file to determine exchange and market... I'm not sure if the UI will provide that information? If it doesn't the trades will still be logged as form responses, but the google sheets script won't be able to determine which market a trade belongs to, so won't generate the output sheets.

As all plugins will be referencing the same config file, the tags will also be the same for every UI bot.

If there are any adaptations needed to allow plugins to run via the UI I'd be very happy to make them as i'd quite like the ability too.
@askmike, does the Ui output any trades to a file stored within the gekko directory?

Gryphon, it sounds like you and I have the same idea regarding Gekko usage, if this becomes a project i would happily provide testing.


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