is safe entering secret key in the bot?
Hi all,

I wonder how secure is entering the secret key in the config.js to launch the trader bot.

How can we check that this info ain't getting dispersed all around the web.
it is sufficient to cancel the withdrawals when receiving api key
Like ankasem said, gekko will only place orders when your strategy tells you so.

However some other things to keep in mind:

- Make sure you downloaded the official gekko software, the only place to download this is and no where else.
- If you enter your key and secret Gekko will save them on your computer, if other people use your computer and can access it they can find your key (same for malware and viruses).
- Gekko will never use your API key unless you start a live trading bot, keep in mind that a live trading bot simply places trades based on the strategy you configured. If you download a random strategy and never test it, maybe don't run it with real money Wink

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