Strategy gives other results on Raspberry Pi than Windows pc

Could it be possible to get other results on a Raspberry Pi than a Windows pc?

On Windows, I get a 21% profit where it is on my Raspberry Pi only 4,6% profit. The strategy I use is exactly the same and so are the settings.

I hope someone can help me

Do you use the same data, and the same start time ? You'd better copy/paste the /history directory from Windows onto your Raspberry Pi.
I've noticed that you don't get the same results when you start date/time has a difference of only 1 minute, no matter the candle size.
Thanks Greg.L

Yes everything is exactly the same. Only the start has a difference of 1 hour. But the backtest data is over a period of 2 months so I thought that will not be a big problem, but probably it is...

But I dont understand why my strategy is so diffrent on only 1 hour?
Found the same if its not perfectly the same time frame it's a different outcome.

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