[TUT] Importing market data from the CLI
[I might move this guide into the docs one day]

If you are experiencing issues importing data via the interface, you can do so via the commandline to get more debug information needed to troubleshoot your problem.

Step 1: create a config file

Copy gekko/sample-config.js into gekko/config.js

Step 2: configure your config

Open up the gekko/config.js file with a text editor (sublime is excellent, free and runs on all major OSes).

- Search for "config.watch" and replace exchange, currency and asset with the market you want to import from.
- [OPTIONAL] Search for "config.importer" and replace the from date with a more recent date (for example a month ago).

Step 3: run the import

- Open a terminal and navigate to the Gekko directory.
- Run the import by typing: node gekko -c config.js -i

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