Error using tradebot with Kraken - all currencies and strategies
Hi there,

First off much respect to Mike for this project!

I have been coding, back-testing and getting my head around how gekko works for a couple of weeks now.
I finally took the plunge and launched a live tradebot but I am seeing errors as per my attachment.

I only have an API key for Kraken so haven't been able to test with another exchange, but I have tested multiple currencies within Kraken and multiple strategies so it's not a problem with any one particular currency or my code (as the default strategies do the same thing).

Everything works fine in back testing or paper trading - it's only when launched a live tradebot that I started to see these errors.

I am running on Windows 7 Pro and am using the latest gekko-develop, which I just downloaded in case this fixed the problem. The latest commit does mention an updated kraken.js so I will hopeful this would solve but, but sadly not.

Any suggestions anybody?

Many thanks!

.png   gekko_kraken_120918.PNG (Size: 27.27 KB / Downloads: 13)
Just to add some more info here -

I receive the error on tradebot startup and also (seemingly) every time it tries to trade.
In the debug log for the tradebot I just see this every ten mins - 2018-09-12 17:39:50 (DEBUG): syncing private data
I've created an API key for another exchange and tested that. It doesn't give me the same error on startup and in the debug log I see what I'm expecting to see (no syncing private data' errors) so it seems this error relates purely to Kraken.
I've gone right back to beginning, installed afresh and I get the same error with a fresh install of gekko-release-0.6.6.

Thanks again!
I solved this.
I had to rem out the line within kraken.js that assigned 0 to the const var, as per the pic.
That let the tradebot start, and once it had bought some crypto (I didn't have any, which is why it threw the error) the error stopped occurring.

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