I can change the /history to another drive ?
Hey guys, i was wondering, since i don't have much space on c:, what should i do to put dataset on external drive and make it run on gekko ?
thanks guys!
Note that the market data Gekko stores is not very big. The dependencies (that are installed inside the gekko library) are most likely bigger. So the easy answer is: you can copy the gekko directory to wherever you want. All data is stored inside the gekko directory. So simply move it somewhere else and run it again Smile
Debian GNU/Linux for Windows 10 (I assume that this package is used to run Gekko locally) stores data in C:\Users\$username$\AppData\Local\Packages\TheDebianProject*\LocalState\rootfs\. So there is a need to move this folder to another drive somehow. Guess, Google can help.

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