Importing data
Hi friends, my import data is so slow that isn't normal even with small period of time. Im using binance, i should import my API to import data faster ? what should i do to make it more fast ? My internet conection isn't that slow, to import data uses download and not upload right ?
You guys have some suggestion ? or i can download data with another extension ?

thanks!  Smile
There are some optimizations we can do on our side, but the main issue is that Gekko is battling API rate limits (you can only request so much data per minute from exchanges, which is where Gekko is getting the data from). If you want to be really brave you can open this file in with a text editor:

And change that 1000 to 50. This will make importing a whole lot faster.

Note that that will most likely break importing on other exchanges. As for a proper solution, keep an eye on this:

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