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Hey all,

I'm having an issue restarting/creating a new gekko in 0.6.4. Short backstory, I was running the paper trader on v0.5.13. It crashed this morning so I decided to upgrade Gekko before restarting it. I did a fresh install and moved my strategy/toml/historydb files over. When I went to recreate the papertrader I received the following error.

"This is an archived Gekko, it is currently not running anymore"

followed by another message, "This is Gekko crashed with the following error {"code": "MODULE_NOT FOUND"}"

When I scroll to the bottom of the page I have an option to "Delete Gekko" which returns me to the Live Gekko page without that papertrader listed. However when I go to recreate the live gekko again I'm presented with the same error.

I see someone on github submitted a bug report with a similar issue (#2341), however my circumstances are slightly different (I'm on Windows 10 if that's helpful). I'm also not on github currently so I can't respond to the existing report.

Is this a bug? Is there a way to remove the archived entry so I can start fresh?

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