Error Importing Data from Kraken
I am trying to import data from Kraken in USD/XBT and I get the following error:

[Image: fBENV7r.jpg]
There is something wrong with your sqlite bindings. Remove all your dependencies by deleting the `node_modules` directory and try installing them again like described here:

I encounter a similar problem :

When i try import from another exchange it work fine.

(I try to install many times 0.6.2 always he problem, remove and reinstall module don't change anything).
It work fine on 0.5.14.

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Same error again and again, found in every version up to 0.5.14. With "Cli" the error is "cannot find module karaken-api-es5"

Are you sure you've installed gekko broker's dependencies?


I'm not supporting gekko v0.5 anymore unfortunately. Let's just fix all kraken problems in v0.6.
Okay I found the issue and fixed it in the latest develop branch! It was a hard one to find as locally I still had an old dependency..

See here for details:

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