Different candle sizes in one strat
He folks, 

thanks for all your inspiration so far! 

I have a question and need your help: 
My goal is to set up a strategy that involves indicators (RSI, EMA, MACD-histogram, maybe some more) from different candle sizes (5min, 30min, 4hour). To be more precise: MACD of 30min-chart is different from MACD of 4hour-chart. How do I include both indicators in my strat? 

Do I have to simply update them on different time scales, e.g. with some sort of count-loop within update-function: 
>> set candle size for the strat to the lowest needed (here 5min) and update the 30min-indicators every 6 counts? But, how do I set up three separate RSI-indicators which do not interfere? 

Hopefully you understand what I am thinking of. If we could come up with some solution I will share ofc. 

Try looking at


Think this should help you?
Sounds about right! I think I missed that thread ^^
I'll give it a shot soon. 


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