hi guys

i'm testing a strategy where i use two indicators.

the problem is, when i run a live bot it doesn't buy or sell but when i do a backtest with the same settings and range as the live bot there are buy and sell signals.

i don't know if there is a bug but when i run the bot with 1 hour candle for example and i have downloaded all data available for a coin shouldn't the live bot use this downloaded data as history? or does the bot first run 10 hours for the history and then for example 20 hours for the long signal before we have the first buy/sell signal?

thank you for your help  Blush
I'm sure it can use the downloaded data only from the command line, if you use the UI then you need to wait the history time.
well today the bot has made a sell order, but i dont see the red dot on my strat runner graph. could that be something wrong with the strategy?

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