help identifying a strategy I saw on exchange
I was trading on and pretty quickly realized there was a few bots trading against me.  Here is what I could see they were doing.

Buy coin at 1 sat higher than highest buy offer
Sell coin at 1 sat lower than lowest sell offer

Basically, they were exploiting a gap between the buy/sell books on a single coin on the exchange; I was doing the same thing.  I know it was a bot because as soon as I put my order above/below it, it moved the order.  

For further evidence, it was set to ignore any combined order above/below a predetermined amount-- for example.  If I listed 4.5 coins for sale, it would move it's own order to exe before mine (price diff of 1 sat).  But if my coin sale totaled 4.49 it would do nothing.

I used to this my advantage to find the floor of how low the bot would be willing to go, then leavel 4.5 coins there to hold the bot's order as low as possible while putting mine much higher up the order book to maximize my own profit.  Conversely, I have also broke my order up to the 4.49 totals and traded in 1 sat price increments which means I didn't realize as much, but still got my orders executed before the bots.

tradeogre is a relatively low volume exchange, so getting the order traded first is important, especially on coins that have these gaps because they are even lower volume usually.

Just curious if anyone knows what this trade strategy is called.  If anyone is curious to run it, I tripled my "fun" money (disposable money I just have for fun) in 2 weeks trading like this.  Usually a buy/sell pairing every 4 hours or so.  Trade pair profit ran from 3% to 14% usually around 8% though.  I ended up stopping because my holdings were getting to the point of taking a long time to actually execute.
This behavior is part of an execution strategy, for bots it always makes the most sense to try to get the best possible with high odds of executing. I'm not sure if there is a generic name for this strategy but I am calling them "sticky" orders. Markets orders always have the best odds of executing (100% assuming the exchange is up and you can talk to it), however at a pretty bad price.

The current Gekko behaves similar as well, however only checking in once every 30 seconds. I am actually working on a library called Gekko Broker that will have advanced order types, including the similar "sticky order". Read more about it here: (currently very much WIP, only really works on gdax).


If anyone knows more about different solutions (open source or part of paid products) please let me know! I've had a hard time finding resources for this.
Askmike... The link you shared is not working... And like to jump in and ask about "sticky order" In my bot i used it some time now and trying between work learn about it. Now i use 3 different Gekko bot and each seem to work different way even i have the same strategy. So where i change the setting or "timeout" where bot cancel and reopen new order to sell/buy? Now one bot is doing so over 3 minutes and each 3sec...Regards

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