Gekko development status thread
As some might have noticed I haven't been responding to all threads on the forum and all github issues in recent times. This is because I am working very hard on a massive upgrade for Gekko as well as preparing Gekko Plus for launch. I've hired someone to help with certain aspects of the project (visual design for the new upcoming UI as well as the Gekko Plus brand). I do want everyone to know that I am working very hard on Gekko every day, even though it might not be reflected when looking at the issue tracker or at my activity on the forum.

If you want to reach out to me and require a swift response please e-email me directly at

The purpose of this thread is to keep everyone updated on what is happening on my side, I will try to post updates to this thread on a regular basis. All updates are comments on this thread, they can all be found in this list:

- [2018-04-19] Update 1: The current roadmap (event system, new UI, order execution upgrade)
- [2018-07-05] Update 2: Major stability release (Gekko 0.6)
- [2018-08-08] Dev update 3: Gekko Plus is taking shape
The link is not working.

Thanks for all the hard work.
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(04-18-2018, 07:25 PM)gekko2yuno Wrote: The link is not working.

Thanks  for all the hard work.

I fixed that now! Wasn't finished writing it.
Thank you very much for your health
I have now finally completed initial versions of the following major upgrades:

- An overhaul of the core architecture (event system)
- Gekko Broker

I hereby invite everyone to download and test the 0.6 pre release that includes these new upgrades as well as a ton of smaller fixes! Note that the current pre-release does not have an updated UI, as such in the current pre release only te CLI version is working. For more information, see this thread.
Gekko 0.6, a major stability update, has been released! See Github for details on the release. I've send out a new update over the mailinglist, you can also read it in the opening post of this thread!
What is the best way to upgrade from version Gekko v0.5.13 and Gekko UI v0.2.0.? I have Gekko running in the cloud.

I tried stopping service and:
git pull
npm install --only=production

Still running old version.
@bishop the best way is indeed pulling new files in through git, here is a rough migration guide:

cd gekko
git checkout develop # most stable branch right now
git pull
npm install --only=production
# install gekko broker deps
cd exchange
npm install --only=production
# UIConfig location has moved
# only do this if you had a non default UIconfig:
mv web/vue/UIconfig.js mv web/vue/dist/UIconfig.js

EDIT: please use the UIconfig file in the `dist` folder, not in the `public` folder!

And restart Smile


If you have more questions or run into anything please open a new thread, trying to keep this one focussed on generic gekko development updates.
Automated trading is a very misunderstood field. I want to shed light on both automated trading and Gekko. I have just posted a video on youtube and will be posting more in the coming weeks, here it is:

[Image: 42682576-91378d3a-86bd-11e8-86f4-7fa5a09b9e89.png]

youtube link

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