Buy on demand?
Hi all,

  I'm wondering if Gekko has a "buy on demand" mechanism for human interaction?

  I'd like to write a simple strategy that will sell at a certain profit percentage ... but rely on a human button press for the buy.

   I'm new to these forums, please forgive me if this question has been asked or I'm posting in the wrong area.

   Thank you for your time.

PS -- Is there an IRC channel (preferably) or something similar for Gekko users?
Gekko havent this feature. Someone made strategy with executing advice by http, but I cant find it now. It is in Gekko's forks at Github.
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I decided to use node's IRC module directly from my strategy.... AND IT WORKS !

Now I can issue direct commands to the strategy via IRC....

I shall share my strategy soon with you all
How. i would really like to know how this can be setup i would find it very useful!!!! do you have any simple instructions you can share?
I've only written a proof of concept so far --- I just used the example from node's irc bot library
Im interesing in complete solution too.
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can you share how you did it please ive not managed to get gekko and irc working yet
Hey everyone, please see my post in Strategy forum if you'd like to see the code.

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