Complete Gekko's datasets - ready files to download and use

it seems the Google Drive is not updated anymore and a lot of exchanges are missing!
(05-25-2018, 05:01 AM)hasitt Wrote: Is there any dependencies on using this data in docker? Do I need to install the backtest tool? I attempted to create the history folder and restart but after a rescan the dataset is not visible... thnx

A little late, but I had to look into this myself today. I wanted to run a separate version of Gekko while I had xFFFFF's backtest tool running (well, paused). I could get the CLI to work no problem but the UI (want to make a video about it, UI looks better than CLI on video) didn't see SQLite db file no matter what I did (making changes in web/routes/baseConfig.js and config/adapters/sqlite.toml and renaming the db file itself). 

So I finally just imported the shortest duration (1 day) of data using the UI to see where the heck it stored it at (hoping it wouldn't store it in my other Gekko folder). When it was finally done (wish the importer was faster), I searched for gdax (the exchange I'm using) and found the file here:

/gekko/volumes/gekko/history (for Docker install)

I just replaced the database with the one I downloaded from xFFFFF's Google drive, restarted Gekko UI and voila! It works!

UPDATE: Just realized this is the location for the Docker install. I forgot it was one of those things I had setup and try to get running as a separate instance.
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does anybody have uptodate datasets till the current date?? if yes please send to me download link..

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