Internet connection loss
I noticed that my market watcher was removed as my internet connection got lost. Since then the bot did not trade. Now I manually created a new market watcher for the strat runner's exchange/currency/asset. The strat runner seems to have accepted the new market watcher and is up to date. Now I wonder if the bot will continue trading correctly? Also how can we prevent market watcher being removed on internet connection lost?
This is definitely a very subtle bug. The stratrunner should also have crashed. Will definitely be fixed in the next version.

Technically it's not safe to start a new market watcher while keeping the stratrunner running. Best thing to do here is to restart Gekko and start both of them again. The reasoning is explained here:
Thanks, Mike. Can we keep the strat runner and market watcher persistent between connection losses? Or do I HAVE to restart them manually?
The current version of the UI is actually quite limited here: you have to restart both, the only way to do this right now is to restart the UI.

In the future version I'll add an option to automatically restart both. Note that they will be different bots, I don't see any way around that I am afraid.

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