Got my gekko running live papertrades but doesn't want to start actual bot.. binance
hey guys,

i got my gekko installed on my pi, all working well (import date, live runners,...)
only isseu is that i can't start a trading bot... i can papertrade without isseu...
i'd like to set the but on BTC - XVG (i do have xvg on my binance but low on btc might this be the isseu?)
I did set my api keys for binance, but i hit an error:

Gekko 166573169671184 started
  --> POST /api/startGekko 200 39ms 369b

Gekko encountered an error and can't continue

Gekko encountered an error and can't continue


[binance.js] Response code 400

Meta debug info:

Gekko version: v0.5.12
Nodejs version: v6.12.3
Well, you're not alone.
I have the exact same problem and Posted at the Binance tread:
It looks to be a communication issue with the Gekko to Binance API.
To test this I opened an account with Poloniex and added it's API and all works fine with no errors, even though I had zero BTC in Poloniex.
So that answers your question about needing a Binance available balance.

Just now I emailed askMike (creator) to see if there's anything he can help with.



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