Securing Gekko Ui
Hi all

im running gekko on a vps unbuntu 16.04. I have the UI active but i want to secure it from other people. My network security knowledge is limited at best, is there a simple config edit to enable this? i have looked at the Nigx documentation but looks like a paid service is this right?

All help is appreciated .

Hi Kris191,

Nginx has enterprise (read: pay) and individual (read: free) versions. I am running nginx as a reverse proxy and have password protected access to the Gekko UI on 16.04 and only pay for my server. In fact, there are ways to avoid paying for even that. However, I have a number of projects running in the cloud, so Gekko isn't actually an extra expense.

Have you looked at the "Install Gekko on a Server" page on the site? As you scroll down, there are steps you can take to password protect the UI using .htpasswd (the very last step).

PM me if I can help. I learned a lot from the installation process and would be happy to share/assist.

Good luck!
Thank you for giving me clarifying the cost i will follow those instructions and get is setup. thank you very much
So got so far until i got a Rate-limit error. this is due to my VPS providers suffix having lots of licence requests. Does anyone know if i can use a Reverse DNS address to setup a SSL certificate?

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