GetCandle time is very slow by me...?
My Getcandle time at nodejs ( cmd ) is very slow. The get times are 950ms - 1.228ms.
Is this a normal time
<-- Getcandles 950ms
--> Getcandles 890ms 

can somebody tells me what i must do ?
This is mine for your reference: (around 650~720ms)

--> POST /api/getCandles 200 705ms 70.08kb
<-- POST /api/getCandles
--> POST /api/getCandles 200 651ms 70.23kb

Gekko works fine (live trading).
my gekko's fastest Smile

<-- POST /api/getCandles
 --> POST /api/getCandles 200 315ms 21.27kb
 <-- POST /api/getCandles
 --> POST /api/getCandles 200 283ms 21.4kb
 <-- POST /api/getCandles
 --> POST /api/getCandles 200 285ms 21.4kb
 <-- POST /api/getCandles
 --> POST /api/getCandles 200 301ms 21.4kb
 <-- POST /api/getCandles
 --> POST /api/getCandles 200 284ms 21.4kb
 <-- POST /api/getCandles
 --> POST /api/getCandles 200 294ms 21.4kb
my gekko's fastest
My guess is that getcandle time is the time to get and aggregate the candle from the database to create the candles adapted to your candlesize.
So it's probably dependent on your candlesize, on top of your pc ( and disks ).


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