Just to let you know :
From time to time, I had this error fired :
{ Error: SQLITE_CORRUPT: database disk image is malformed errno: 11, code: 'SQLITE_CORRUPT' }

It looks like the importer failed at some point ( perhaps just because my computer turned to standby mode, or I quit Gekko while importing ).

In the end, I had a corrupted table in my database, that I've just erased, and it looks fine for now.

Actually, it happend to me for 3 pairs, and I'm not sure why...

For the first one, the table was empty, so it was easy to delete it.
For the other 2, I used for backtesting a few days ago, without issue.
And there are valid data in the table, but some queries still fail Sad

By the way, I added some additionnal info in sqlite / reader logs to find the corrupted tables.


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