Get imported history to extend data of market watchers
Trying to find if there functionality to use imported data to extend marked watcher data to the trading bot. I see label on local data page:

The local data can also be used in a warmup period when running a strategy against a live market.

But I see that when I'm running strategy on UI it still running brand new watcher. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong? It became really painful to wait for the data from watcher if I kill wrong node process Smile
The Gekko --ui is not able to use the imported data BUT:
If you run Gekko as a CLI-cmd then it will fetch data BUT:
For Binance it never worked wheras on my new Kraken account it WORKS prefectly nice.

node gekko --ui                        //UI version

node gekko --config config.js    //CLI-cmd version
//needs a setup via config.js (sampl-config.js >>safe/rename >>config.js)

Mikes tutorial:
I see that it loads local data from console. Trying to see why it can't be done from web interface, but I'm very new for codebase. Any help?
I'll add support for this soon. The main problem is that stratrunners started via the UI use a different architecture that actually consisting of 2 gekkos: one for fetching exchange data and storing it in a db, and one for pulling it out and giving it to your strat. There are more checks involved to make sure the data always matches properly this way.

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