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Hi all,

whats the right process to let gekko livetrader use as much local history (from an import) as possible? I have a strat that uses a very slow sma and it would take days to wait until it fetches enough data to start.


Mike answerd me:
Only the --ui version dos not load local data to use as history.
The CLI-cmd version fetches some data but mine could not find the local data.
Instead it loaded the required data from Binance/exchange !nice
//After starting it only says:
trading at binance ACTIVE
I startet 4 gekkos to see if it trades (win7) 3 days each.
Indeed it dos and if the Strat is good and testet, it works at the expected Buy/Sell Levels.
> Only the --ui version dos not load local data to use as history.

The note that the next major version of Gekko will properly support this Smile
Thanks Guys, will try it in terminal mode

One thing, I found out - I bet you already know this, but just in case another person is asking:
It didn't find local data when importing via CLI before starting the trader (no usable data found), only importing via the UI worked and the trader found all the data it needed.

One more question: How can I activate logging into a corresponding log file under ../logs, like it does when using the UI ?

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