Gekko with malware spotted in the wild
Gekko is a free and open source tool, it doesn't cost any money to download and you don't need to register anywhere.

The only official way of downloading it is via the official Github repo here:

Find all information about different official versions and releases here:

If you download Gekko from any other source you might get infected with malware. Today I discovered a youtube video with a download link to a malware loaded version of Gekko, you can find the details here (but be sure to NOT download from any of the links found there).

Be smart and safe everyone! Even if you download from the official repo it is still advised to not run any software on systems that also contain other private information (like crypto wallets) or not to connect it to your exchange account unless you fully understand what you are doing. Gekko is great at simulating trades with fake money, and it runs great in a VM as well.
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