Problems with coinfalcon
Hi folks,
I did some mess there. I opened a ticket for an issue on github for coinfalcon live-trading, but then after an update of gekko I recognized I even can't import data from coinfalcon. My bad, I also deleted my old log-files. So I can't reproduce this and can't you show any logs.

Here's the old issue

BUT: I can show you how to reproduce this bug (coinfalcon data-importing bug):
Import datasets to backtest via Gekko import not working too.
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(04-07-2018, 12:23 PM)xFFFFF Wrote: Import datasets to backtest via Gekko import not working too.

Same problem here.


- No data import, gets stuck on 99,xx% in UI
- No live watcher and no trading bot

Bitfinex, binance, kraken :  all working fine.

Checked API:  read/write 

When I try to import data from coinfalcon for backtesting I see following message in console:  

(node:21847) [DEP0079] DeprecationWarning: Custom inspection function on Objects via .inspect() is deprecated

Not sure that it is causing the fault because it is a warning, not an error.
results are that the import runs very fast to 99,69% and than it stays there.
Hi all,

I did a fresh installation yesterday and try to connect my coinfalcon account to gekko.
The configuration of the API keys runs fine, but for the import of the Data I get the same problems as described above.
Also the Live Gekko with paper trading is not working.

I read about some changes in the exchange connectivity during release 0.6.
So I checked the exchange connect files in exchange/wrapper directory and the the coinfalcon files were not renamed in .old files.
So I think it should run in release 0.6.

Are there any new infos about it? May be a Git change is missing?

Thanks for any help.

Best regards, Josh
Does someone already have a fix for the coinfalcon bug? I tried to locate the bug inside the package.json but was unable to fix the issue.

Is this a bug in Gekko or in coinfalcon ?.
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