(09-03-2019, 05:22 AM)@b071 Wrote: Just a heads up, your zip download at GitHub is flagging antivirus as a threat. not sure what part of it is

Sorry for late reply i had a small vacaction.

It's because javascript files are under the right conditions executable, with the right additional software (like having nodeJS).
The same would most likely happen if i would upload .vbs file or an exe file.

On Github You can look at the code yourself as well before you download as essentially .js files are 'naked' its not compiled / encryptrd code.
I can asure you though that I dont write viruses, if there where a virus you should contact github then there would be something wrong with their zipper (but its fine).

Most likely you have very protective antivirus settings (which is a good thing) that doenst trust .js and .vbs .bat .cmd  etc, just know what you do.
The filles there are only usuable inside Gekko in the right folder, they can do nothing without gekko.

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