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(04-08-2018, 04:43 PM)Kris191 Wrote: Hi tommie,

As mentioned before i'm not skilled enough for webserver and php coding, is there a way for me to run this locally and minimise setup? I have gekko running on a VPS at the moment without the UI.

I really need to narrow down my strat parameters and currently i'm using tradingview with a coded bull_bear_adx  backtester (not coded by me btw)

Minimize setup? Not really, it requires what it requires.
But if you got Windows 10 or run any Linux dist you could just install apache and php, it isn't really heavy in the sense i think you mean.

For WSL (Windows Linux Subsystem) use this guide and replace anything 7.1 with 7.2:

..but skip stuff like phpMyAdmin and MariaDB if you do not want to use that.
Also don't use port 80 @ apache, choose some other port so that your stuff resides within e.g. http://localhost:8899/gab/ and not http://localhost:80/gab/ since :80 could be used by something else on your system.

It becomes quite simple to start/end since you just run bash in Windows and do apachectl start anytime you wish to start it.
It's also lightweight.

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