Neural Network strategy backtest comparison
(11-13-2018, 06:44 AM)deandree Wrote: Yes, starting time is very important. I've seen quite huge (x2/x3) difference on 10m candles, on 120/240/etc it could be much higher.

Due to already long time it takes to run my tests for each Medium part, I have not included multiple starting time in my tests. If I wanted to do that,  I could try a few offsets (like for 240m candles take 0h 1h 2h 3h offset) and calculate average. If people want to see that, I can make special article about that.

Wat do you mean by "starting time"?
1) the history buffer Gekko watches before trading kicks in? (which is measured in the amount of candles)
2) the size of the candles? Ie 10m vs 1hr candles?
3) literally the start date+time when starting the bot (July 8th 2019 17:33)

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