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Automated trading is a very broad topic, on top of that comes running automated trading systems (like Gekko) on a ton of different systems (Windows home desktops, Cloud servers running Linux, Raspberry PI embedded devices and anything in between). If you figured something out that is awesome but not quite broad enough for the official documentation you can post a guide here.

The difference between a guide here and something in the official documentation is that we (the gekko contributors) aim to support everything in the official documentation, but if users want to share and discuss funky stuff we don't want that to interfere with the rest of the documentation and technical support channels (github issues and such).

Example guides:

- How to install Gekko on a raspberry PI.
- How to install TAlib on windows.
- How to implement X in Gekko (advanced order types).
- How to setup X around Gekko (some kind of alternative UI or some kind of server).

You are free to post a donation address at the end of your guide Smile

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