Help with creating a strategy
Hi guys, I have a nice working strategy which i want to share and be able to backtest in gekko, but it dont know how to create it. i will explain it here and Ill hope some one can create the strategy and use it for himself as well! All based on the 5 minute candles.

Buy when:
- Bollinger Bands: the open or close of the last complete candle must be below the lower  Bollinger Band. 
- Bollinger Bands: the higher Bollinger Band must be 1,75% higher than the lower Bollinger Band, so a spread of 1.75% between the lower and upper band
- Stochastic Oscillator: The %K and %D must be BOTH below 20% or lower
- RSI: Must be below 25
- Volume: In the last 14 candles there may be a max of 4 candles with zero volume. 
- Volume: For BTC 750btc

Sell when:
Price increased 0.60 Percent from buy price.

Rebuying with double amount of first buy-in when price drops 1.75% below first buy-in
Rebuying with double amount of second buy-in when price drops 1.75% below second buy-in
Adding a trailing profit
Adding a stoploss

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