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Ultra Profit Strategie! 2 month= +116874% - susitronix - 05-12-2018

Hi i made theese profitable Backtests.

Ultra Strat Profit

But in real live what happen?
Does it trade like that?

Well this is a very volatile Pair.
In order to Buy/Sell successful, someone must fullfill our Gekko´s order.
Otherwise Gekko would just stuck in the trade and EVENTUALLY CRASH.

What do we do about it?
I found out that its hard to make a strat with candlesize 1-3 profitable over time.

BUT there is a simple trick from forum-mate xFFFFF you could try for medium volatile pairs

first i use tickrate: 2sec instead of 20sec
Why? because Gekko, if not able to fullfil the order, it will remove it, calculate new price and place a new order...


then read here the article:

i tried it and it works! Right now im not using it because of semi-volatile pair, but i see gekko has more trouble to trade, then with it.

RE: Ultra Profit Strategie! 2 month= +116874% - Ballsy - 05-13-2018

I won't be too cheeky and ask for your exact strategy but care to share what type of strategy and indicators your using?
If you'd rather keep it private then that's fine ?

RE: Ultra Profit Strategie! 2 month= +116874% - susitronix - 05-13-2018

remember this is only theory of Backtesting.
eny good fast strat will do results that may become satisfactional
ill give you example tomorrow

Let me explain!

RE: Ultra Profit Strategie! 2 month= +116874% - susitronix - 05-13-2018

if you look at it closer then it becoms obvious that this is only a theory result:



in the following pics you can see what really happen with this backtest

As you will learn: Gekko does not buy/sell in one second NOR in one minute.
(peak rise time/fall time = 1minute)
So, a massive change in one minute simply could not beeing traded at all. pff
(Gekko seems kinda delayed enyway)

...but whats with the third dip, you may ask..
oopsy dip
ohhmg this looks different. it  seems to wait some time at the bottom before...
Much better.cheers!

RE: Ultra Profit Strategie! 2 month= +116874% - Ballsy - 05-13-2018

Yeah I know back tests is only a guide but I'm interested to see where the trades were made on the graph.

I know there's a lag in buying/selling, I'd be interested to see where these trades happen and how far away from the original price they were (slippage?).
Once we can see when it's happening and how much we can maybe try to do something about it. Instead of trying to sell at 1000 we can tell gekko to sell initially at 999, this might help our trade go through quicker and if applied correctly it might be able to reduce the higher slippage costs and in turn make us more money.

Or maybe I've had too much single malt tonight lol

RE: Ultra Profit Strategie! 2 month= +116874% - susitronix - 05-13-2018

Here some results that enyone can Backtest on its own:

First, from my tutorials you copy paste the example Strategie trendatron:
TUT #5
(if you dont know how to copie/paste a strat.js/config.toml into Gekko, you could learn here:

then use gekko --ui

-candlesize: 1min
-warmup: 10 candles
-date range as on the pictures for same results!




This is the most impressive Result:
Market = -30%
Bag = -20%
Netto = +50%!!!!!!


(hope the names belong to the right pic)

As you can see the market went down -30% but my example strat made +50%..and the Stoploss did not even worked..!

RE: Ultra Profit Strategie! 2 month= +116874% - Jkarlik - 05-13-2018

Wau, it looks like amazing. The problem is that tests are in a currency where there is no volume. Did you find a few where the volume is and where can you make profits?

RE: Ultra Profit Strategie! 2 month= +116874% - susitronix - 05-13-2018

shure i just go to binance and click the BNB-tab.
the pairs are sorted by 24h Volume...there you go.
the first appearing is:
Vol: 51654.-BNBs

thats roughly 635000.-Usd

RE: Ultra Profit Strategie! 2 month= +116874% - susitronix - 05-13-2018

but as i statet above:
a very short Strategie, is not necessarly profitable over longer time periods, because of lots of trades