What exchange do you use?

Just wondering what exchanges people are using and if they have any pro's/con's to help others choose.

I'm currently only using GDax/Coinbase, this was simply because when I very first started looking into investing Coinbase looked very straightforward, quickly gravitated to GDax when I started to understand more.

Ideally I'd like an exchange that I can put strategy graphs onto back data, GDax lacks a lot in this area.
I am using Binance, just because of the Pro´s:

Very nice low-fee. 0.1% for a full roundtrip!

Enough volume on pairs FOR NOT GET STUCK IN THE TRADES!
(on Kraken it was TERRIBLE even on ETH/USD urrr...)
-->Gekko has imediatly crash with my Kraken.

Cons: on my Coinigy account the binance API does not show the trade signals.
But the liveGekko --ui does it very neat.
Also the trades will show up in Binance (offcourse)
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Currently backtesting/papertrading with GDAX.

I've done some live day-trading/swing-trading on GDAX directly, but not live traded through Gekko yet.

Being in the UK I'm looking at GBP/BTC on GDAX but I'm beginning to realise there is likely not enough volume here for Gekko live-trading to work, so I'm looking to switch exchanges before starting to live trade with Gekko.

Binance may be the one I try next.

Also curious to hear others' experiences on which exchanges they live trade on.
(05-12-2018, 10:43 PM)Ballsy Wrote: "Ideally I'd like an exchange that I can put strategy graphs onto back data, GDax lacks a lot in this area."

Re. this point - I don't think I'd choose an Exchange based on its charting... I think charting and analysis are most likely best kept separate from the individual exchange you're using.  (Unless I'm misunderstanding what you mean here...)

Eg. GDAX is good because of no maker fees - but obviously their charting is rubbish.  From an exchange point of view - the fees are way more important than their charting, in my (albeit limited) experience.

I've used the excellent TradingView with the GDAX pairs to apply various strategies for analysis (some users have replicated Gekko strats as Trading View strategies).    Have you imported historical GDAX data into Gekko for backtesting?  1-2 years worth of history is worth importing for this purpose, and doesn't take too long.
I'm based in the UK and agree with the lack of volume, only live trading I've done with Gekko was with GDax EUR: BCH.
Your right about being able to separate trading with testing, I was just being greedy and hoping for an exchange with everything lol.

Yeah I've got the full GDax history available but I'm more interested in the data since the start of the year, I feel like the data before this tends to screw up my backtesting results.

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